Alan Green

Alan is a British, classically-trained jazz pianist, singer/composer, and modern-day polymath. He’s had hit records in the US; was musical director for Davy Jones of The Monkees; and created two award-winning books on the Mac that pioneered the desktop-publishing revolution of the 80’s/90’s.

His multitude of talents has led him to dedicate the last fifteen years to decrypting ‘math-oetical’ codes in the Shakespeare canon, revealing the Bard had an esoteric mission far beyond what we’ve been taught. Sacred geometry embedded in the 400-year-old Sonnets enabled Green to discover a Unified Codex of Constants and Measures within the Great Pyramid that correlates precisely with Nassim Haramein’s ground-breaking theories. Look for Alan’s “BARD: a mathe-muse-ical”… coming soon to a space/time near you!