Spring 2019

Masters Series Rapa Nui
April 12-20th 2019

Join Nassim Haramein as part of an exclusive group on our premiere Masters Series trip to Rapa Nui (Easter Island). This will be an extraordinary experience on the breathtaking, mysterious and sacred sites of Easter Island. Enjoy a unique opportunity for a more personable journey with Nassim and a peer group of entrepreneurs, leaders, philanthropists and visionaries as you explore ancient technologies, exotic landscapes and rich cultural history. This experience will be priceless and your contribution will help to change the world.

We will visit the quarry to see where the Moai were created, hike around the volcano, the Orongo Crater and explore a lava tunnel that leads to spectacular views of the ocean. We’ll see many sacred sites, temples and Moai all over the island, along with pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters and, of course, finding evidence of ancient technologies, megalithic boulders, magnetic stones & more!

Crossing the event horizon for the Masters Series to Rapa Nui will be a balance of science, community and consciousness from our base in a world-class resort on Easter Island, Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa.

This Trip Includes a New Level of Extraordinary


  • 9 days & 8 nights at a tropical 5 star Eco Village Resort & Spa on Easter Island
  • Time for a more personal, connected experience with Nassim and each other
  • All park entrance fees, guides, tours, excursions, and museums
  • Exploring ancient technologies, and the powerful Moai up close
  • Wonderful Welcome Dinner & delightful Closing Dinner celebration
  • An evening out for Polynesian dance, drumming & dinner
  • Beautiful breakfast buffets & lunches together every day
  • Learning from Nassim the newest cutting edge research & technology
  • Your choice of fun outdoor activities from snorkeling to horseback riding
  • Networking & interacting with amazing peers to vision & connect
  • An ARK crystal in a limited “Master Series only” design
  • Powerful group meditations & guided visualizations
  • Professional shuttle service to & from the airport to our resort

Why Join the Masters Series?

Experience an intimate connection with Nassim Haramein and other powerful leaders on extraordinary journeys to spectacular destinations. The Masters Series was created as a vehicle to fully live the principles of Unified Physics, not just teach them. Together with a group of individuals who, not only are committed to experiencing life at the highest level, but also contributing to the mission for a better tomorrow.

Deep Connections with Forward Thinkers

Explore Sacred Sites & Evidence of Ancient Technologies

Profound Experiences with Nassim in an Intimate Setting

Special Guest Speakers & Academy Faculty

Magical Destinations & Breathtaking Scenery

Advanced ARK® Crystal Activations

Choose Your Package

Pay in full before February 6th and receive a seat to a sunset gratitude dinner with Nassim.



Frequently Asked Questions

There’s lots of interest for these events so please use the FAQ section to find the answer you’re looking for. If your questions cannot be answered here, please use the form below to contact our concierge team directly.

Do I need to book my own flights?

Airline tickets are solely the responsibility of the guests. Please book your flights to Rapa Nui as soon as possible, as there are only two flights a day from Santiago, Chile, and one flight a week from Tahiti. Be sure to give yourself plenty of extra time to allow for going through customs.

Do I need a Visa?

Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is part of Chile. Citizens of USA, European Union, Canada and Australia do not need a visa to enter Chile. All these citizens need is a passport and a flight ticket showing that you will leave the country within 90 days. Visitors from other countries must apply for a visa at their nearest Chilean consulate.

May I bring teenagers or children?

Please email masters@resonance.is to further this discussion.

What if I want to cancel?

Please email masters@resonance.is as soon as possible. If you cancel 30 days or more before April 12th you will get up to a 50% refund. There will be no cancellation refunds after March 12th. Flight, liability, personal injury and travel insurance are solely the responsibility of the guests.

How do I book if I want to arrive early or stay late?

Feel free to contact the Travel Team at masters@resonance.is

PayPal is not working?

You may have a limit on your PAYPAL amount. Please check your settings, or sometimes you may need to work PAYPAL directly with your bank account to cover large amounts. You may also select to use your credit card or a bank wire transfer.

What about changing my package selection?

Please email masters@resonance.is and we will do our best to accommodate you *It will depend on availability and timing of how close we are to the time of the trip.

Is Resonance Science Foundation a 501(c)(3) non-profit?

Yes! RSF has an official 501c3 non-profit status. If you have specific questions for tax purposes and donations, please email masters@resonance.is for more information.

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