Join Nassim Haramein, and Resonance Academy Faculty, Special Guests and Delegates from around the world as we continue on our mission to explore Ancient Civilizations with evidence of advanced technologies. We’ll gain special insights from our amazing guest speakers: Robert Grant, Jamie Janover, Adam Apollo, Dr Ines Urdaneta, Dr. Lydia Giannoulopoulou de Leon and the ARK Crystal team. Together we will discover more about science, physics, astronomy, mathematics, archeology & the patterns, codes and mysteries of Mayan time that have much to teach us!

What was the real purpose of the Pyramids & Temples we will be visiting? How does it relate to now in terms of Fractal time, and the Holographic Universe? What is the Galactic Significance? We’ll find out together during this 11-day / 10-night adventure which includes luxurious accommodations and transportation, amazing lectures and local insights/experiences, including traditional Aztec dancers & Mayan Shamans, meditations, and access to powerful sacred sites, museums and ancient ruins.

Explore Teotihuacan, Coba, Tulum, and exquisite journeys into magical underground caverns and cenotes where we will experience powerful ARK crystal activations. Join us on a special 11/11 adventure in Ek Balam or the extraordinary full moon ceremony at Uxmal along with other special surprises! Come together with the global Resonance community to learn, amplify, and experience the unique knowledge of this incredible region.

Enjoy this heartfelt opportunity to connect with amazing, like-minded, resonant people from around the world in a deep and powerful atmosphere of learning and exploring!

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Mexico Epedition 2019

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