For almost two decades physicists have been looking for the source of dark matter and dark energy. The current conventional equations only predict 4% of the mass of the universe, the rest being an unknown substance described as dark matter and dark energy. This year the two main topics of Nassim’s tour of France and Belgium will be:

  • A Vacuum Catastrophe Creating Harmony: Nassim Haramein latest scientific peer review research paper published in April 2019, resolve the so-called vacuum catastrophe that has been plaguing the scientific community and driving a chasm between cosmology and quantum theory for decades. The solution reveals a beautiful harmonic relationship between scales in the universe unseen before. Haramein will expose what turns out to be, truly, the music of the spheres of a singing universal order. For the first time the holographic equations were applied to the universal scale and were able to predict the exact critical mass of the universe without the help or the need to incorporate dark matter and dark energy. This new equation tells us something vastly different about our universe, cosmogenesis and ourselves. Explore the new emerging physics that will transform the way you think, see the world, your relationship with yourself and to everything.
  • A Future in the Past: Humanity’s history may not be as typically depicted in our history books. Recent discoveries around the world support the view that a very ancient or pre ice age civilization existed on our planet which left traces of their advanced civilization. Nassim Haramein will expose some of the laboratory testing results of various artifacts and remnants that have been obscured from view for millennia. The significance of these findings have a deep meaning for the future of humanity, the understanding of the genesis of our history and the physics of our future technological world