The Electron and the Holographic Mass Solution

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Haramein, N & Val Baker, A. K. F. (2016). The Electron and the Holographic aMass Solution, ATINER 4th International Conference of Physics: Abstract Book, Page 14, in Peer Review

A computation of the electron mass is found utilizing a generalized holographic mass solution in terms of quantum electromagnetic vacuum fluctuations. The solution gives a clear insight into the structure of the hydrogen Bohr atom, in terms of the electron cloud and its relationship to the proton and the Planck scale vacuum fluctuations. Our electron mass derivation is accurate to within 0.000000002 x 10-28 g (99.99999998%) of the CODATA value. As a result, an elucidation of the source of the fine structure constant, the Rydberg constant, and the proton-to-electron mass ratio is determined to be in terms of vacuum energy interacting at the Planck scale.